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Halton Hills Bulldogs win Meredith Cup to end Clarington’s reign at top of Junior C

When 3-time defending champion Clarington and Cornwall met for the first game of the 2013 Meredith Cup on Friday, it was supposed to give us a hint of what was to come. It told us nothing, really. Cornwall, a team many believed to be a favorite, finished 1-1-1 in the weekend tournament. Clarington, meanwhile, was in position to win a fourth straight Junior C championship, but the Halton Hills Bulldogs had other ideas. They stunned the Shamrox with an 11-10 win in double overtime on Sunday. “This is because our kids have worked so hard, and they really are so tenacious,” Halton Hills coach Kevin Dance told The Standard Freeholder. “It was a helluva battle right to the end, we’re just glad to be on the winning side.” It was a chippy title game as each team had 13 — yes, 13 — power plays. But all 21 goals were scored at even strength, including the OT goals from Mike Nicolucci and Adam Charalambides that locked up the win. And there may be more down the road for Halton Hills. “We have no graduating players for another two (seasons),” said Dance. READ MORE »

Celtics, Shamrox to butt heads early as Junior C Meredith Cup kicks off in Cornwall

Cornwall Celtics president Terry Turcotte told The Standard-Freeholder that “I truly believe we’re the favourites to win this.’’ Clarington Shamrox coach Derek Kelly told that “I think we’ve got to be considered the favourite going into the weekend even though we’re not.” Whoever you believe, we’ll find out in a hurry who is right. The host Celtics and 3-time defending Meredith Cup champions kick off this year’s tournament with the first round-robin game at 11 a.m. today. “It’s a great way to get (the event) started,’’ said Turcotte. The 4-team tournament to determine Ontario’s Junior C champion runs through the weekend at Cornwall’s Benson Centre, and the Celtics and Shamrox of the East Conference are joined by Halton Hills and Hamilton of the West. And while the Shamrox may be gunning for their fourth straight title, the Celtics aren’t about to concede anything. “It’s the strongest team we’ve had in the (past) three years,” coach Shawn Lauzon told “There’s no quit in this team, that’s for sure.” For the weekend’s schedule, check here.

Clarington Shamrox gunning for a fourth straight Meredith Cup championship

Can anyone in Junior C knock off the Clarington Shamrox? For 3 straight summers, the Shamrox have won the ultimate prize — the Meredith Cup — and the Shamrox will have their chance at a fourth straight when the round-robin tournament hosted by the Cornwall Celtics begins next weekend. Four teams have advanced to the finals: the Shamrocks, the Celtics, the Hamilton Bengals and the Halton Hills Bulldogs. The Shamrox were 12-4 in the regular season, a bit disappointing by their own standard considering their record over the previous 3 seasons combined is 45-3. But this is this year, and the Shamrox aren’t rolling through the playoffs with their usual ease. They’re 6-3 this postseason, and Halton Hills and Cornwall — both 6-0 in the playoffs — figure to have their say before it’s all said and done. Hamilton and Halton Hills still have a best-of-5 series to play to determine the West Division champion, and that starts tonight. But after that series, all 4 teams get together next Friday at the Benson Centre to play for all the marbles in Ontario.

CLA adapts cage ruling. Sr Level players will use last year’s mask set up

The Canadian Lacrosse Association (CLA) Box Sector, comprising representatives from all Member Associations and Associate Member Associations and the CLA Board of Directors, which is composed of a director from each Member Association and the CLA Executive, convened over the past two days at the Semi-Annual General Meeting (SAGM) to discuss concerns made by some members about the safety of CSA approved masks used in the Junior and Senior divisions.  After hearing the positions and concerns of all Member Associations and Associate Member Associations, an amendment to CLA Policy 12.4.2 has been passed. READ MORE »

Alberta Lacrosse approves waiver for both Junior and Senior lacrosse

As members of the Canadian Lacrosse Association continue to meet in Manitoba, associations across Canada are starting to take matters into their own hands to ensure their players’ safety and the Albertans are leading the way. In a memo obtained by IL Indoor, the Alberta Lacrosse Association has voted to institue a waiver that would allow players at both the Junior and Senior levels to go back to wearing their old face masks and not wear the newly mandated Gait or OTNY masks that so many players are concerned about. READ MORE »

The CLA needs more information and details before making a ruling on new facemasks

If you’ve been paying attention to this website, the forums or social media you’re well aware of the situation going on in Canadian lacrosse involving the new mandated facemasks from the Canadian Lacrosse Association. Each week we are seeing more and more facial injuries, which many are blaming on the setup for the new cages, but the CLA feels it needs to further investigate the situation before making a final ruling on the cages. Members of the CLA met last week and instead of acting, it opted to go back behind closed doors to see if it can find another solution.

Meanwhile, players continue to be put into harm’s way while wearing these new cages and it might now be at a boiling point amongst the people who actually have to wear them. READ MORE »

Hall of Famer Don Barrie is not a fan of new fighting rules or the association that created them

Don Barrie has devoted much of his life to the game of lacrosse. He’s a Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Famer and he served as convenor of the last pair of Mann Cups held in Peterborough (2010, 2012). He’s also a man with strong opinions who isn’t afraid to share them, and he has a pulpit from which to do so as a columnist with the Peterborough Examiner. So it’s no surprise that he has waded–actually dived is more like it–into the debate about the merits of the Canadian Lacrosse Association’s new rules regarding penalties for fighting. Saying that many of the CLA executive “have come no closer to lacrosse than pulling the sweater over a young lacrosse player’s pads then standing behind the glass of an arena, sipping their latte and wondering if the game will be over soon enough to get to the mall,” Barrie doesn’t like the new rules and doesn’t think the national association should be making decisions about how the game is played. For more of his take on the latest rules as well as the bungling of the drug testing at the Mann Cup this summer, check out his latest column.

Jr. C Innisfil Wolfpack moves to Newmarket

The OLA Junior C Innisfil Wolfpack is packing its bags and heading down the road to Newmarket for the 2013 season. Coach Michael Rollings told ILIndoor that the team, which will be known as the Newmarket Jr. C Saints to put it in line with its parent club, is hoping to play its games in Sharon Arena. In Innisfil, the Wolfpack was a combined 13-71 in 5 seasons, although the last 2 seasons have been the best for the franchise. The team went 5-11 both seasons and advanced to the second round of the playoffs. “Expectations are high this year as we look to improve on our advancement past the second round,” Rollings said, adding that the team is moving from the Central Division to the Western Division. “(We) feel we can compete immediately with everyone in the division.”

Junior coaching news: Jr. A Nanaimo fires Nicks, Junior C Wilmot hires Hummel

One coach is out in B.C. and another is in in Ontario. The Junior A Nanaimo Timbermen of the BCJALL have fired coach Dale Nicks and his staff after just 1 season, and a familiar name in Kitchener, Greg Hummel, has been hired to coach the OLA’s Junior C Wilmot Wild. Nicks coached the Timbermen to a 3-17-1 record and missed the playoffs, but expressed some surprise that he was relieved of his duties so quickly. “You often find when you bring in a new coaching staff into an organization that it takes a couple years to turn things around and I was just hoping for that opportunity,” he told the Nanaimo News Bulletin. Jon Nicholson, GM of the Junior A squad, said he has a new coach in place but won’t announce the hiring until Thursday. READ MORE »

This weekend: WLA, MSL finals kick off as junior lacrosse teams pursue Cup titles

The Orangeville Northmen won the 2012 OLA title. Is the 2012 Minto Cup next on the list? (Photo: Ward Laforme Jr.)
The Orangeville Northmen won the 2012 OLA title. Is the 2012 Minto Cup next on the list? (Photo: Ward Laforme Jr.)

It’s getting serious now. The majors in east and west are in their final series, which will give us the Mann Cup foes for 2012. The Minto Cup kicks off today to determine Canada’s Junior A champ and by the end of this weekend, we’ll know who the Canadian champs are in Junior B and Junior C. This ain’t no time to be messin’ around, as the old saying goes, and it’s clearly the best time of year to be a lacrosse fan. If you’re lucky enough to attend these games in person, you get to see the game at its finest: intense and thorough with a minimal amount of mayhem. No one wants to hurt their team with time in the sin bin because you can’t control your temper. That said, let’s take a look a ILIndoor’s primer for a weekend of playoff action. READ MORE »