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First-round focus: Jason Noble’s speed, IQ can add more to Swarm’s transition game

Jason Noble, center, brings a long resume of winning to the Minnesota Swarm as their No. 2 draft pick. (Photo: Dave Abel)
Jason Noble, center, brings a long resume of winning to the Minnesota Swarm as their No. 2 draft pick. (Photo: Dave Abel)

Jason Noble understands the significance of hearing his name called by the Minnesota Swarm as a National Lacrosse League draft pick. He understands that the Swarm, by making him the No. 2 overall pick, have put their faith in him and his abilities. And it’s his intention to prove them right. But first, there’s this weird little feeling of weirdness to get past. As one of the newer coaches to be employed at The Hill Academy in Toronto, his boss was Brodie Merrill, who plays for the Philadelphia Wings. So as he learned to work with Merrill, Noble will now be preparing to work against him this coming season and that first matchup is an early-season weekend series in which the Swarm and Wings trade barns for a home-and-home on Jan. 18 and 19. “We talked about that,” said Noble, a 3-time Minto Cup winner with the Orangeville Northmen. “He wished me luck before the draft but we won’t talk about the games until a week or two leading up to it.” READ MORE »

First-round focus: Cam Flint brings 2-way prowess to young Minnesota Swarm squad

Cameron Flint
Cameron Flint

There are a lot of things Cameron Flint can do with a lacrosse stick, that much is obvious. Otherwise, the Minnesota Swarm wouldn’t have bothered to make him the No. 4 overall pick in September’s National Lacrosse League entry draft. Offense, defense, transition, Flint has the tools to get it all done, and get it done well. And even though it’s been a while since Flint played the box version of lacrosse, he’s confident the adjustment will come naturally. Part of the optimism is confidence, yes, but the other part is pure adrenaline. “It’s really exciting,” the 5-foot-11, 190-pound right-hander out of Georgetown, Ontario, told “It’s always been a dream of mine to play in the National Lacrosse League.” Being drafted is just part of the dream, so with camps set to open soon, Flint says he’ll be ready to complete the mission. READ MORE »

Video: Ripper talks to Rochester’s new recruits

It’s hard to believe, but it’s already been a month since the National Lacrosse League Entry Draft. Let’s go back and take a look as Knighthawks’ play-by-play announcer Craig Rybczynski talks to Rochester’s three draft picks and owner Curt Styres, who enjoyed the unusual pleasure of getting to select his son, in this Arrow Express Sports video.

Victoria Jr Shamrock Wardle hoping to make his mark in the big time

Chris Wardle showed this summer that he’s got some pretty nice touch around the net. He popped in 46 goals with the Victoria Shamrocks, good for third in the BC Jr A league. He also added 44 assists for a 90-point total. Those numbers led to him being selected by the Vancouver Stealth in the National Lacrosse League draft. As with all of the young players trying to crack NLL lineups in this age of nine deeply talented teams, he’ll be hard pressed to actually make the Stealth’s roster. But he’s excited about having been drafted and looking forward to the opportunity to go to training camp. And he’s not lacking for confidence. “The jump to the NLL is going to be a big adjustment and it’s going to take some time,” Wardle told the Langley Advance. “However, I feel that I am ready.” It may help that he’s had at least a taste of top-level competition. The forward got into a Western Lacrosse Association playoff game, suiting up for the senior Shamrocks in the WLA finals against the Langley Thunder. “Playing in the WLA playoffs was a great experience,” Wardle said. “It gave me a bit of experience playing with bigger guys and at a faster pace game, which I believe will help me with the adjustment to the NLL.”

Video: Swarm draftees eager to get started

What do Jason Noble, Zach Palmer, Jordan Houtby and Nicholas Jonas have in common? Besides being 2013 draft picks for the National Lacrosse League’s Minnesota Swarm, they’re all pretty amped to get it going for the new NLL season. There were more draft picks for the Swarm, of course, but these 4 picks were there in Toronto for the draft last month and were caught on camera talking about their expectations for their rookie seasons.

NLL Draft Reviews: Vancouver Stealth

The Vancouver Stealth were busy at their first National Lacrosse League Entry Draft since moving north to Langley. They made a total of nine selections, one of which they added in a draft-day trade. As has generally been the case the last few years, the Stealth’s success on the floor (reaching three of the last four Champions Cups), meant that their draft slot was late in the proceedings. They started out draft day having to wait through seven picks to see who would be available for them. They’ve been trying for a few years, with mixed results, to address a lack of effective depth on the left side of the offence. When the dust settled, it looked like they had managed to do just that. Make the jump to see their list of draft picks and IL Indoor’s take on how the Stealth did. READ MORE »

NLL Draft Reviews: Toronto Rock

Whether you consider the Toronto Rock’s 2013 season to have been a success or a failure depends largely on perspective. They finished the regular season with the best record in the league…clearly a sign of success. But the final vision of their year was the Rock leaving the floor after being trounced 20-11 in the first round of the playoffs by the Minnesota Swarm. That didn’t leave a very good taste in the mouths of Toronto’s brain trust and it was obviously a large factor in Troy Cordingley losing his job as head coach. So the Rock went into the National Lacrosse League Entry Draft wanting to find some players who could ultimately help them get back to winning Champions Cups, and they certainly got an interesting mix of players with their six picks. READ MORE »

NLL Draft Reviews: Rochester Knighthawks

When you’re the two-time defending Champions Cup champions, you likely don’t have a lot of wholes to fill on your roster. That’s the situation the Rochester Knighthawks find themselves in after having won National Lacrosse League titles in 2012 and 2013. It’s a good thing they didn’t need wholesale additions to bolster the team, since they didn’t have a selection in the draft till the end of the third round. Once they did start making their choices, it became apparent where they think they could use some heightened competition come training camp. The first three of their four picks were spent on defenders and the final one was a goalie.

27 Mark White
37 Taylor Northway
46 Zac Reid
55 Brandon Styres READ MORE »

NLL Draft Reviews: Philadelphia Wings

The Philadelphia Wings, as has been well documented, haven’t had a lot of first-round picks lately and they have traded away their first rounders for the next few years as well. When you’re in that situation, you need to make your second-round picks count. Philly did, as part of the series of trades that saw them ship out Drew Westervelt and bring in Evan Kirk, move up to the twelfth pick this year among their total of five selections in the National Lacrosse League Entry Draft, held September 16 at the Toronto Rock Athletic Centre. READ MORE »

NLL Draft Reviews: Minnesota Swarm

The Minnesota Swarm are getting used to owning the National Lacrosse League entry draft. Once again this year, they had four first-round picks, and they had a total of 10 among the 55 selections in the draft’s six rounds. Even so, they still managed to improve their lot in the draft just little bit, shipping serviceable defender Nik Bilic to the Edmonton Rush to move up from the fifth to the fourth spot so they could make sure they got Cameron Flint. He was part of a haul of seven defensive or transition players that will be battling to earn spots in the team’s dynamic young back end. READ MORE »