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Video: Junior B throwdown at ILA

The Six Nations Rebels are again dominating the Junior B loop in Ontario, but they’re not doing it without a fight. Evan Scott and the St. Catharines Spartans made that known on Friday night during his late-game scrap with Alexander Martin. READ MORE »

NLL Fight Club: Thul vs. Koneczny

What is it about Chet Koneczny and Philadelphia Wings heavyweights? It was 4 years ago when Koneczny, with the Orlando Titans, took on Geoff Snider in a memorable tilt. On Saturday, Koneczny took exception to Garrett Thul’s dive across the crease and when he went to let Thul know about it, the conversation escalated quickly.

Video: Smith and Priolo, Keogh and Gamble chuck some knuckles

It’s hardly surprising that with the Six Nations Chiefs on their way to building a 3-0 lead in the Major Series Lacrosse finals, frustrations began to build for the Brooklin Redmen and we wound up seeing a couple of tussles in Game 3. Steve Priolo threw a couple of punches at Cody Jamieson during play, so Rory Smith stepped in at the next faceoff and let Priolo know he wasn’t happy about that. The two proceeded to engage in a spirited tilt. Just a couple of minutes before the game ended, it was Stephen Keogh’s and Scott Gamble’s turn to dance. Both fights are shown in this video, including replays. You can catch any rematches, as well as the rest of the game, via pay per view webcast of Game 4 Monday at 8 pm at this link.

Video: Dan Ball and Scott Evans toss some bombs

Bad blood always evolves in a playoff series. When the series involves Brooklin and Peterborough, it doesn’t generally take too long. And when Dan Ball is playing his role as an agitating and annoying defender, tempers can boil over. Ball found a willing combatant in Scott Evans on Tuesday night in Peterborough, and now you can enjoy the tilt.

Video: Trading punches at Six Nations

Sunday’s Oakville at Six Nations game didn’t really mean anything with regard to the Major Series standings. But that doesn’t mean the intensity is lacking. Just ask Oakville’s Brendon Niesink and Six Nations’ Pete Hill, who closed Sunday’s game with a bit of a tango.

Video: Throwin’ heavies at Six Nations

What happens when Tyson Bomberry of Six Nations and Thierry Boislard of Barrie throw down in their June 2 game? Lots of fists that are flying, and landing. Check it out as no doubt frustrations played a part in this dance at Iroquois Lacrosse Arena toward the end of a 15-4 Six Nations victory.

Video: Wings vs. Stealth brawl

The fists flew, and the accusations weren’t far behind. Washington’s win over Philadelphia was punctuated by a couple of bouts of dubious origins, claim the Wings. But we’re not here to take sides. We’re here to watch the fights again, featuring Philly’s Joel White and Washington’s Matt Beers, then Philly’s Mike Manley against Jeff Moleski.

The bombs fly fast and furious as Suitor and Snider renew hostilities in The Hive

Andrew Suitor and Geoff Snider have danced before, so it came as no surprise when they threw down again Saturday night when the Roughnecks were in Minnesota. If you don’t like fighting, don’t click on this video. But if you enjoy a good tilt, then fill your boots, cause this is a good old-fashioned tussle with slobberknockers aplenty in both directions. Clear decision, if not a TKO, for Suitor in this rematch.

IL Indoor Roundtable: New rules still looking good; a satisfactory start with YouTube; is fighting dead?

Dhane Smith is part of the new generation of players who'll never know the league without the faster pace brought about by last year's rule changes. (Photo: Bill Wippert)
Dhane Smith is part of the new generation of players who'll never know the league without the faster pace brought about by last year's rule changes. (Photo: Bill Wippert)

The National Lacrosse League tweaked some rules regarding contact to the head this year, but there was nothing like the slew of changes implemented for 2012. Reviews were generally, almost universally, positive at the time but are they still working? One big change that did occur this year is the switch of the NLL’s webcasts from Livestream to YouTube. IL Indoor’s Roundtable group this week of Bob Chavez, Marty O’Neill, Ty Pilson and Stephen Stamp have had time after five weeks that we’re ready to weigh in on how things are looking on that front. Also, how many fights have you seen in games this year? Unless–or even if–you’re watching a lot of games the answer is not many. What’s up with that? See our take on these topics after the jump. READ MORE »

NLL Fan Poll: Who is the best fighter in the National Lacrosse League?

Paul Dawson (right) is one of the top heavyweights in the NLL. (Photo: Larry Palumbo)
Paul Dawson (right) is one of the top heavyweights in the NLL. (Photo: Larry Palumbo)

There isn’t much question that fighting is on its way out of the game of lacrosse. Certainly that’s true in Canada, where the CLA has passed new rules for 2013 that impose harsher penalties on combatants (particularly instigators or aggressors). The National Lacrosse League doesn’t see a ton of fights these days, but when one does crop up there are still plenty of folks who enjoy a little boxing thrown in with their lax. Today, you get to pick who is the best of the bunch when the mitts come flying off. IL Indoor’s Fan Poll asks who is the best fighter in the NLL. READ MORE »