NLL 3 Stars: Week 9

Kevin Crowley's #21 was called out after 10 Flyers, er, Wings, goals Sunday. (Photo: Philadelphia Wings)
Kevin Crowley's #21 was called out after 10 Flyers, er, Wings, goals Sunday. (Photo: Philadelphia Wings)

The Minnesota Swarm have had a tough season and it was getting significantly tougher Saturday night after a 6-0 third quarter put them down 13-4 to the Toronto Rock. But then something happened. Mostly what happened was Jordan MacIntosh put the Swarm on his back and willed them back into contention in the game. There were other key players, as well, but MacIntosh was the man driving the bus and he almost got them all the way back; if it wasn’t for a Toronto empty-net goal, Minnesota’s last-second shot may have been for a chance to go to overtime. Moral victories are hard to swallow when you’re 1-7, but the Swarm can take a lot from that comeback, and they did so the following day, when they overcame another deficit to pull out their second win of the season over the Philadelphia Wings. So you can bet that JMac will show up in the IL Indoor NLL 3 Stars. Make the jump to see who joins him.

First Star

Jordan MacIntosh, Minnesota Swarm
5 goals, 5 assists, 23 loose balls, 37-24 faceoffs
MacIntosh was a force Saturday night. He scored three dunk goals in almost the exact same spot of the net, although he approached them from different angles. He had 5 goals in total and was instrumental to the almost-successful comeback, both with his scoring and by winning faceoff after faceoff. He was also good on Sunday as the Swarm finally got back into the win column.

Second Star

Logan Schuss, Minnesota Swarm
6 goals, 7 assists
A first overall draft pick always faces a lot of pressure. Logan Schuss has been pretty good so far this year, but hasn’t really lived up to the first overall hype. Until Sunday, when his shot found its range and he banged home 5 goals. He’s a sharpshooter, make no mistake about it, and his accuracy and power were on display in the tight victory. Schuss also put up a goal and 5 assists Saturday night to make for a big scoring weekend for the rookie.

Third Star

Kevin Crowley, Philadelphia Wings
2 goals, 8 assists
Crowley is another young player who has been struggling somewhat this year, at least by the high standards he set for himself in his first two seasons. But he’s been coming around, getting used to having to perform with the focus of every opponent’s defence squarely on him. And Sunday he potted a couple of goals and had a hand in eight others. His assists were pretty evenly split between firsts and seconds, and he wasn’t dominating, but he did exactly what his team needed to help it score 14 goals, which on most days should be enough to win.

Honourable Mentions

Colin Doyle (Toronto): 2g, 2a. The goals give him 500 for his glorious career and the assists leave him just one shy of 800…Stephen Keogh (Rochester): 3g, 3a. Keogh looks like he’s found his groove for the Knighthawks…Dan Dobbie (Calgary): 3g, 2a. Just keeps scoring and is helping the Riggers get on a bit of a roll…Pat Saunders (Philadelphia): 4g, 2a. Saunders is a streaky shooter and he’s up to 13 goals on the season…Brock Sorensen (Minnesota): 4g, 10LB. The big man found his scoring touch with some critical—and very nice—goals in Minnesota’s pair of games…Josh Sanderson (Toronto): 3g, 3a. One of the most accurate and deceptive shooters in league history keeps them coming…Stephan Leblanc (Toronto): 3g, 2a, 5LB. A very different style of game from Sanderson, but equally effective…Kyle Buchanan (Philadelphia): 6a, 8LB. Another nice scoring night for the second-year player and recipient of this week’s Boxla Beat Bump…Cody Jamieson (Rochester): 2g, 5a. Jammer has crept up to 6th in the NLL in scoring…Garrett Billings (Toronto): 9a. And here’s your new league leader in scoring…Andrew Suitor (Minnesota): 1g, 10LB, 7FT. Had an abbreviated outing after getting ejected Saturday night but was a defensive force Sunday and chipped in a dazzling goal…Mike Poulin (Calgary): 39/49, .796 save percentage. Overcame what has become a troubling trend of a shaky start to hold the Knighthawks to 5 goals over the final three quarters and earn the win.

Stamp is a TV sports announcer and lacrosse lover whose skill set made him a defender but who always dreamed of being a goal-scorer. He can be reached at

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