OTCB Podcast: A cavalier both on and off floor, Dane Stevens a man of many talents

Dane Stevens
Dane Stevens

Ever since the early days of the Eagle Pro Box league and professional lacrosse became an actual thing, it’s always labeled itself as the league of weekend warriors who play for the love of the game while holding down a steady 9-5 job Monday through Friday. National Lacrosse League players today have a wide range of professions that allow them continue to play the game they love, while at the same time making sure the bills don’t pile up like John Grant Jr highlight real goals (don’t ever stop Jr.). Well Dane Stevens, who was recently acquired by the Minnesota Swarm from the Edmonton Rush, may just take the cake as one of the most interesting men away from the turf. He may not have his own line of Memes quite yet but moonlighting as the bassist for the Vancouver indie rock group, Tough Lovers has allowed him to grow some underground groupie love status but that’s not the coolest job description on his resume.

After taking some time away from the game, Stevens suited back up with the Burnaby Lakers of the WLA and is ready to get back it with fellow Delta alum, Logan Schuss and Swamp partner Scott Jones in the Swarm line-up this weekend. So let’s all sit back and revel at what the most interesting man in the NLL has to offer us and may we bask in his shadow as he bare-back rides a rhinoceros all the while chatting with us on this week’s Off the Crossebar Podcast.

Ever wondered if ‘blood diamonds’ are still a concern for Leonardo DiCaprio and those who deal with the highest cut jewels we shell out money to make out partners smile and feel great? Well you don’t have to worry, as the the third generation diamond buyer and seller ensures all his stones are Canadian certified and of the highest quality. Now a member of the Minnesota Swarm, Dane Stevens has a vision of one day making an NLL Championship ring with those diamonds then having his band Tough Lovers playing the victory party.

From a world traveling jeweller, to lead bassist of a rock band and then an NLL grinder, Stevens has quite an extensive resume but while he took some time away from the game to focus on his other lives, he’s itching to put the pads back on and get back to battling.

He’ll be asked to play a key role for the Swarm who have struggled to start the 2014 season. A team with a plethora of youth, Stevens while still fairly young himself, has some great experiences under his belt and will be looked to become a space-creator for the likes of Shayne Jackson and Schuss, as well as plug in some solid power play minutes.

That’s OK with Stevens, who’s a bit of a bull in China shop when he’s on the floor.

There’s quite a few similarities between jewels, music and lacrosse that allows Stevens to keep his edge on all three fronts and it’s never a bad thing to align yourself with a powerful name. Obviously his lacrosse game speaks volumes and the Tough Lovers are in the works of creating a new album that should be out later this year. But his partnership with Keith Seabrook at Cavalier Gas Town Jewelry could be his biggest cash in. If the name sounds familiar that’s because Keith is the younger brother of Stanley Cup champion Brent Seabrook of the Chicago Blackhawks.

A man of many talents and even more chirps, he even sends a few my way during out chat, Dane Stevens is back in the NLL and is looking to expand his mastery level of intrigue. It’s all this week on the OTCB Podcast.


OTCB Radio this past week was a raving success as Jarrett Davis and Paul Tutka stopped by to chat about the past weekend’s games and this week will be no different. We can’t keep Tutka away so he’ll stop by to break down the action as we crest a third of the way through the NLL season. Then long time friend of the show and voice of the Vancouver Stealth and co-host of Stealth Classified, Jake Elliot will be by to break down the Friday night clash between the Rock and Stealth. You can hear it all live on Saturday beginning at 11am PST on TEAM 1410 and TEAM Radio.

Teddy Jenner is one the leading sources for lacrosse information. He comes by his love of lax honestly with a lifetime of experience, two Mann Cup championships and six years of play in the NLL. Email him at ted.jenner@ilindoor.com, follow him on Twitter @OffTheCrosseBar or catch him on Team 1410 radio in Vancouver, B.C., as the host and producer of the Off the Crosse-Bar Radio Show In 2012, he was awarded the BCLA's Norm Wright Merit Award- handed out to a member of the media deemed to have have contributed to the promotion of lacrosse.

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