Top NLL Twitterers: No. 5, Chris Corbeil

Twitter page of Chris Corbeil.
Twitter page of Chris Corbeil.

Here’s the thing about the Twitter account of Chris Corbeil: The humor isn’t the best you’ll see among all National Lacrosse League player accounts we’ve profiled, and have yet to profile, but there’s a lot more than humor going on there. So let’s go down the list of what we liked. First, the handle: iLoveLOOSIES. That’s so full of awesome it speaks for itself. Second, the prophecy. Read on, and notice the dates of the tweets about the Red Sox and Alex Smith as an NFL quarterback. Third, the sleeveless athletes series. That definitely brings the laughs, but that’s something you’ll have to see for yourself at his feed. See what we mean? Lots going on at iLoveLOOSIES, and all of these elements come together to make Corbeil’s Twitter one of the accounts you need to be following.

Top NLL Twitter accounts

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No. 6: Cody McLeod

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