Dirty Dozen: Snider brothers head-to-head, Chris Sanderson memorial pins available, and Junior’s up to some new stick tricks

Geoff Snider says Mom won't be too happy if he scraps with little bro Bob on Saturday. (Photo: Larry Palumbo)
Geoff Snider says Mom won't be too happy if he scraps with little bro Bob on Saturday. (Photo: Larry Palumbo)

Geoff Snider vs. Bob Snider. They’ve faced each other before in games, but whether it happens on Saturday remains to be seen. The brothers are faceoff specialists for their respective teams, the Calgary Roughnecks and Washington Stealth. The teams are set to play in Washington on Saturday, but Geoff got word Thursday that he’s been suspended for 1 game for an elbowing incident against Minnesota. He has appealed the ruling and will be eligible to play on Saturday, but there is at least 1 person out there who won’t mind seeing the matchup take a break. Especially if the two brothers should happen to drop the mitts, and that’s Debbie, their mother. “She would be angry,” a laughing Geoff told The Province. “Bob is her baby. I would find things very uncomfortable. It would be awkward at family dinner.”

Geoff said he would indeed “take care” of Bob if “he did something I had to address.” But since Bob has yet to be penalized for anything this season, the chances appear remote. But there’s no doubt there would be some chatter if the brothers battle at the dot. Geoff leads the NLL with 158 faceoff wins and Bob is second with 143.

Does Geoff share any tips with Bob?

“We did practice against one another when we were younger, but we started competing against each other in my senior year and that was the last time he got a tip from me,” Geoff said of his time at Denver University and Bob’s at Bellarmine University. “Bobby hasn’t gotten much info from me after that.”

It seems both are doing just fine on their own, and they have the numbers to prove it.


PROPS TO RIPPER: Congrats to Rochester Knighthawks play-by-play man Craig Rybczynski, who this past weekend called his 200th NLL game. Ripper’s a class act who has his hands full with his Knighthawks duties, but always has the time to field questions for information and provide interviews. ILIndoor’s Teddy Jenner had a great chat with Ripper in his latest Off the CrosseBar podcast and if there’s one thing we love about Ripper, it’s his nickname. Because it’s a lot easier to spell that than Rybczynski. Here’s to 200 more, Ripper.


Chris Sanderson pin.
Chris Sanderson pin.

IN REMEMBERANCE: The Philadelphia Wings fan club have their Chris Sanderson memorial pins for sale. And besides being produced and sold for a great cause, they’re pretty sharp looking. A portion of the proceeds will go to charity in memory of the former Canadian goaltender who played for the Wings and died of cancer last summer. If you’re interested, send an email to Wings Fan Club president Rocco Granato at PWFC (at) COMCAST.NET and put “Pins” in the subject line. Cost is $10 for the pin and to cover handling and postage. And if you’re so inclined, check out Rocco’s Wings Nest radio show on Tuesday nights from 6 to 7 p.m. Head to blogtalkradio.com and enter a search for Wings Nest.


HE SAID IT: “When a team hands something like that on you it’s a personal pride thing. By no means are we feeling sorry for ourselves. We’ll regroup.”

Calgary coach Curt Malawsky, to the Victoria Times Colonist, after a 17-12 loss to the Toronto Rock.


BAD MOVE, BRO: It was nice to see the Toronto Rock and Toronto Argonauts collaborate for some marketing last weekend, and pretty cool to see the Argos bring the Grey Cup and some players to help kick off last Friday’s game against the Calgary Roughnecks. What was not cool was seeing Adriano Belli pouring beer from the Cup over the head of Riggers captain Andrew McBride. It happened before the game after the ceremonial faceoff when Belli offered McBride a sip and McBride declined. Trying to be funny? Maybe. Did it work? No. There’s a time and place for humor, and minutes before a fellow pro athlete has a game to play is not the time. It can’t be comfortable starting a game with beer all over your gear. “We really didn’t appreciate that,” Calgary defenseman Scott Carnegie said. “That was disrespectful and we didn’t think it was very professional.” Belli apologized to the Rock, the Roughnecks and McBride after the incident.


NASTY: In Saturday’s win, Edmonton Rush defenseman Kyle Rubish had his first game of the season without forcing a turnover. But the night before, he had enough for 2 games. Rubisch was all up in grills against the Stealth, forcing an impressive 7 turnovers. It gives him 16 for the season, 1 behind league-leader Kyle Sorensen of Washington, who also had 7 forced turnovers in a game earlier this season. The single-game high for this season is 9 by Calgary’s Geoff Snider.


RANK ‘EM: Where does your team rank in regard to goals-scored and goals-allowed by average?

Goals scored
Calgary: 14.3
Minnesota: 12.8
Edmonton: 12.7
Toronto: 12.1
Washington: 11.9
Rochester: 11.4
Buffalo: 11.1
Colorado: 11
Philadelphia: 10.4

Goals against
Rochester: 10.1
Toronto: 10.5
Edmonton: 10.9
Washington: 12
Buffalo: 12.3
Calgary: 12.8
Philadelphia: 13
Colorado: 14
Minnesota: 14


JUNIOR BEING JUNIOR: Like we said when we posted this, there really aren’t any words to capture what you can see in this video posted by the Colorado Mammoth. It’s John Grant Jr. at his finest with trick shots. So if you haven’t yet seen it, make sure you do. And if you have, watch it again. Great stuff.


FULL TILT: And as long as you’re killing time at work watching videos, check out the scrap between Calgary’s Geoff Snider and Minnesota’s Andrew Suitor. Fighting seems to be down a bit so far this season, but this bout should make up for lost time. Lots of props to both, who took their licks but kept it coming. This one’s destined to become a classic.


HE SAID IT, TOO: “There’s a lot of non-believers. But, at the same time, it’s great motivation. There’s a lot of people that thought we were too old, we’re out of time. In a league with such great parity, I think we’re doing just fine. Our job is to make these non-believers start to believe.”

Buffalo Bandits goalie Anthony Cosmo, to ILIndoor’s Ty Pilson.


FREE LAX, BRO! It’s Youth Appreciation Day on Sunday for the NALL’s Baltimore Bombers. The first 300 youth/high school players at DuBurns Arena for the game against the Kentucky Stickhorses get into the game for free, with a paying adult. There’s a tribute at halftime to former professional indoor players, so if you’re in the Baltimore area, Sunday’s a great time to check out the NALL.

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