Sohen Gill receives an early Christmas present from his son Chris

Sohen Gill
Sohen Gill

The Gills are one of the great lacrosse families in the sport. Sohen Gill is the assistant commissioner of the Western Lacrosse Association.¬†Chris Gill is a former star player. They share a close bond as father and son and as firefighters; now that bond is even closer. Sohen is now the proud recipient of one of Chris’ kidneys. Their story appeared on CTV news this week. Neither father nor son is prone to florid displays of emotion, but what they mean to each other comes through loud and clear in the piece. As Sohen says, “I’m thankful for two things. The first thing, I’m thankful that Chris gave me his kidney. But that’s not number 1. Number 1 is, I’m thankful to have a son like Chris.”

Stamp is a TV sports announcer and lacrosse lover whose skill set made him a defender but who always dreamed of being a goal-scorer. He can be reached at

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