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Super Saturday in the ROC

So, not too often is there an opportunity to cover the entire spectrum of lacrosse on one day, but tomorrow represents just that opportunity.

Here is how a lot of the members of the Krew that are not in Chicago already are spending the day.

11:30 a.m.: Strap on the gear that is still frozen from being in the trunk since last week, aka Pre-Game Perk-up.



NLL Insider Picks: Week Ten

Ted Jenner said it best: “I gotta make a major run eh…?”

Paulie Tuts did it last week and put himself right back in the mix, but Kojima and Ward are officially separating themselves from the pack, and the young ‘un has the momentum.

Here are this week’s games:

NY @ PHI (-3.5)
CAL @ TOR (-1.5)
PHI (-2.5) @ BUF
ROC (-2.5) @ CHI
EDM @ POR (-2.5)

Picks and comments after the jump.


Hamley makes first move to Rush roster


Just over a week after Bob Hamley took over the reins as the Edmonton Rush’s new GM and Head Coach, he’s made his first trade, bringing in forward Brenden Thenhaus via a deal with the Philadelphia Wings.

Hamley sent a conditional second (or third depending on games logged by Thenhaus) round pick in this year’s draft the other way.

Thenhaus is best known for being a huge piece of the puzzle for the Oakville Buzz, one of Ontario’s most successful junior B clubs in recent years. He spent this past summer with the Brampton Excelsiors JR A team, finishing third in scoring behind Dylan Evans and Ryan Campbell, a likely high draft pick in the 2008 Entry Draft.

Brendan won the Founders Cup; the team hardware handed out to Canada’s best junior B club each summer, in 2006 and has been considered by many as a prospect that just needs to find the right fit in order to flourish in the NLL. READ MORE »

View from across the pond


We all know and love our game, but it’s inevitable that at some point, we have to explain it to some newbie. You know the questions you get …. “That’s the game where they swing the sticks like crazy, right?” … “Is it hard to catch the ball in the net?” …. “Why does the goalie look like the Michelin Man?” On and on it goes, and while it’s cool to share your joy of the game with someone new, some of the questions make ya wonder.

And then, once in a while, you run into someone who offers their take after seeing a game for the first time. This is where blogger Steven Wells comes into the picture. (Speaking of, the blank mug you see here is the one he provides on his blog.) Writing for the The Guardian in England (that’s on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, Jenner), Wells offers some hilarious insight from his first game, a Philadelphia Wings game, no less.

Some exerpts from the man who writes, “I might have just discovered the most passionate sport in the US:”

Friends, I would like to make an apology. If I have ever given the impression that all US sports fans are passive, pampered, bovine, weak-beer-sipping, consumerist couch potatoes made soft, flabby and lazy by decades of mind-numbing, rah-rah and blah-blah sterilized “family entertainment” and lowest-common-denominator saturation advertising, I’m sorry.

I’d never been to an indoor lacrosse game before.

Another sampling …

Dude, this is punk. It’s sportz metal. Up on the massive Jumbotron screen a horribly dead-eyed Canadian thug called Seth or Shawn or Jason or Taylor is babbling some half-baked but obviously sincere kill-or-be-killed Nietzschian superman codswallop in a psychopathic monotone over a gabba re-mix of a Linkin Park headbanger.

It’s great stuff. It’ll make you laugh, nod in agreement and maybe even leave a note for the chap, welcoming him to the lacrosse family.


NLL Depth Charts: Week Ten


Since I got a ton of emails from readers this week about certain guys starting (and I’m not complaining, thanks for the emails guys, keep ‘em coming), mainly to help give ‘em an edge in their NLL Fantasy league, just wanted to go over what I wrote back to most of them since it was a pretty hot topic.

It’s tough to know who’s always gonna be starting from week-to-week in the NLL, for a couple reasons.

Although there’s a few of us at NLL Insider that try to stay in the loop with every single team in the league, whether that be through a coach, GM, player or really any team official, not all teams in this league like to show all their cards leading up to game day. READ MORE »

Face-Off Classic is upon us


You waited and waited and now, it’s time.

Saturday’s Face-Off Classic in Baltimore is all set for a noon start, pitting Syracuse (2-0) against Virginia (3-0) at noon, followed by Johns Hopkins (1-0) against Princeton (1-0) at 2:30 p.m. The count is up to 15,000 tickets sold, but you’ve still got time to buy yours. Go to,  Ticketmaster, or call the Baltimore Ravens box office at (410) 261-RAVE to get yours. Prices range from $10 to $25. 

The weather forecast hasn’t changed, so don’t forget to pack your favorite hoodie and catch some fantastic lacrosse at M&T Bank Stadium.

To get yourself ready for the afternoon, check out all the preview stuff at Inside Lacrosse, including an update on Virginia’s Ben Rubeor, a Tewaaraton Finalist last year, who says his knee is feeling better and expects to play.


Week ten suspension updates, Smith, Couling + Grimes

Buffalo defender Billy Dee Smith will once again have the opportunity to play this weekend, with a hearing for his actions stemming from a February 15th incident still being organized.

Smith had made contact with a game official during a heated exchange with Toronto Rock forward Blaine Manning and is looking at a five game suspension for his actions.

The league, the PLPA and all parties involved will likely meet sometime next week for the hearing.

Many close to the situation believe Smith’s five game suspension will be reduced, but definitely expect to see Smith in the lineup this weekend when Buffalo plays heated rival Philly tomorrow night.

Another lengthy suspenion was handed down yesterday evening to Calgary Roughneck’s vet defender Kyle Couling (three games) for his hit from behind on Colorado Mammoth forward Gavin Prout. READ MORE »


What happens when you lose it all?


When everything in your life is going so perfectly smooth and the world seems to be your oyster, isn’t it always the case that somehow, someway, something happens that causes everyone to look at you a little differently?


Now who knows, it may have been bad timing, a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time or a butterfly may have flapped its wings a few times over in Thailand and started a downward spiral of events but, in this case I really wish somebody would have grabbed that butterfly and ripped its wings rights off. Anything in order to avoid the unfortunate series of events that affected so many people in so many ways.

March 2006: The Duke lacrosse team’s accusations of being rapists were so far outta left field that people were like, “Wow, maybe it could be true?” Sure, for a time I was one of those people, and was constantly watching CNN for the latest updates. However, having been a part of the NCAA college scene, I know a lot of crazy sh*t happens and parties do get out of hand, but this just seemed way too out there!



Toth: Ready to try again


Kinda stunned when you heard Kaleb Toth wasn’t on the bench for the Roughnecks last weekend?

Me too. And so was Toth.

There’s been a ton of speculation in the days since Calgary coach Troy Cordingley kept Toth on the bench for what would become a 12-9 victory over the Colorado Mammoth last Sunday. Some said dude was uber-pissed, some said he took it in stride. Fans are taking sides, praising Cordingley for not playing favorites, while others blast the boss of the Riggers for having the audacity to bench the fella who essentially has been the face of the franchise since its inception.

“It pretty much sent a message that it doesn’t matter who you are, if you’re not performing, you’re not going to play,” Toth told The Calgary Herald. “Whether people agree with it or not, it’s the coach’s decision and I respected it and my teammates respected it. Next game, if I get in, I’ve just got to try and play hard and not get pulled out again.”

Never thought I’d hear Toth utter the phrase “if I get in,” but the Roughnecks are in for a challenge Saturday night against the Rock in Toronto. Should Toth play, there’s a chance that Tracey Kelusky and Steve Dietrich will be back as well. Both have missed games with injuries, but The Herald is reporting that “there’s a chance they’ll be in the lineup Saturday in Toronto.”


Wings lose their first game …


OK, I’m jumping the gun but I’ve got the attention of all you pissed off Wings fans. 

I’m convinced that Philadelphia is a legitimate contender for the Champion’s Cup.  While there is no doubt they have earned the right to be the No. 1 team on the Power Rankings, it’s a little to early to consider them – or any team – as a favorite to win it all. A lot can happen between now and May.