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Dance Team Pick’ems: Week 6

Hazzah. Dance team picks are back this wee as the members build on their impressive leads. Our ladies had an average of 5-3 last week, with Minnesota’s victory over Rochester the big monkey wrench of the week. Allison continues her impressive streak after sticking with her Swarm. She sit with the best average with a combined 14-6 record.

This weekend, there’s just a handful of game to choose from, including two involving San Jose. Lets see what our dance team members have to say.












And here’s what the Dance Team members said:



NLL Insider Picks: Week Six

Kojima made a big move last week with an impressive 6-2 finish; he only missed on his San Jose picks, and he’s right back in the saddle with the Stealth stealing the Titans’ thunder on Eli Manning Appreciation Night in the Garden.

Lauren Ward continues to set the pace at 13-8, and three games separate first and last place. That won’t change much this week as the Insiders unanimously agreed on two games. (Which ones? find out after the jump.)

The lines:
SJ (-3.5) @ NY
POR @ EDM (-1.5)
MIN (-1.5) @ SJ

And the Insider Picks: READ MORE »

Too many eggs in one (or two) basket(s)? Does it matter?


A lot is being made of New York relying on their man-up and Portland leaning on the likes of Dan Dawson and Derek Malawsky for most of both team’s scoring. Coincidently those two teams are a combined 1-5 so far this year.

Hearing that would lead most to the conclusion that relying on either just your power player for goals or just one or two guys for a bulk of your scoring is not a good thing, unless you like being 1-5. Even without looking at the Titan’s or Jax’s records though, I would guess most of you would still probably have thought any other team woulda found themselves in a similar situation.

Well, unless you’re the Philly Wings. READ MORE »


Rob Blasdell is a goalie with a goal


Help take a team to the championship game and you’d think your job is pretty secure.

Not so for goalie Rob Blasdell, but the job security thing was kinda out of his control.

The veteran keeper was a big part of the Arizona Sting’s advancement to last year’s Champion’s Cup game, but the Rochester Knighthawks kept Blasdell from hoisting that Cup. Well-publicized labor issues last fall nearly cancelled the season but even after it was restored, the Sting announced it was suspending operations for a season.

Enter the Wings. The NLL dispersal draft put Blasdell in Philadelphia and the Wings are off to a 3-0 start, rocking Philadelphia with championship visions that box fans in that city have been so hungry for.

“They’ve welcomed me with open arms. They’re a first-class organization for sure. They want to win and as a guy in my position, you can’t ask for more,” Blasdell told The Orillia Packet and Times of Ontario.

  • Minnesota’s Pollock is Player of the Week:
  • Roughnecks acquire Sellers from Rush:
  • Rush in a must-win situation: Edmonton Journal
  • NYC welcomes Mayor’s Cup lacrosse challenge:

Q&A with Nick Patterson

Off to a 3-0 start as the undisputed number one goaltender of the Minnesota Swarm, Nick Patterson has plenty to brag about. But Nick Patterson doesn’t really do that. Instead, the former all-pro discusses goalie fights, being underrated, and a save he made in Calgary.

In most team sports, goalies are kind of considered to be the weirdest guys out there. Does that hold true for lacrosse goalies?
I’ve met some weird goalies before in hockey and lacrosse, so yeah lacrosse goalies can definitely be weird. A lot of people think we’re weird just because we stand in front of the ball. I think that’s why a lot of people think we’re a different breed.

What are some of your quirks?
I have a few superstitions here and there. The main one is that after I get my gear on for warm-up and stuff I stay out of the dressing room until the end of the game. That’s probably the big one. I just wait in the hallway or by the bench or whatever. Maybe sometimes I’ll wear the same clothes under my gear each week.

Fantasy Fix: Dealing with Loss

In case you can’t tell from the title, my team suffered its first loss of the season, as I’m sure plenty of others did as well.

But don’t get all frowny and teary eyed just yet. It’s only Week 3 of fantasy, and there’s plenty that can be done to ensure that this travesty doesn’t happen to you ever again.

First and foremost, if you’re not scavenging the waiver wire each week, you’re not doing yourself any favors. It’s super easy, and hardly anyone else in your league is probably doing it.

If you don’t want to invest a ton of time searching through every teams’ weekly stat totals, all you have to do is click the See Free Agent Scoring Lists button once you click into the Free Agents link on your team page.

From there, all you do is set the players that you’d like to dump in the order that you want to kick them to the curb, and do the same for the players you heart most. After Monday’s Free Agent Draft, “Unsigned” players are available for your drop of hat desires.



Weekly Preview

Here’s a recap of today’s NLL media conference call that hyped up this week’s set of games. Just three are on the slate:

Thursday, January 31
San Jose at New York

Saturday, February 2
Portland at Edmonton
Minnesota at San Jose


The Gift of Self Confidence


When I was younger I looked to lacrosse and sports in general as a way to define myself and build my self confidence. Somewhere in the back of my mind I believed that beating my opponent meant I was better than them. It’s an immature motivation, but powerful just the same.

Success in lacrosse can fuel the ego. And for some that is why they play. Like an offensive player so focused on scoring goals and personal success that they become less concerned with what’s good for the team. Fortunately as I got older, team success took precedence over personal accolades and I experienced the unshakable confidence that comes from dedicating yourself to the common good.


The Money Ballers


Jake Bergey and Jason Wulder keep throwing up those money goals game-after-game this season. Two old school vets that most around the league probably didn’t think twice about as potential difference makers heading into the year. Well, start giving these two some serious thought again, cuz they’re (in my best Dick Vitale voice) money baby (that was such an uncool reference and equally uncool when screamed out loud, but hey, that’s how I roll)!! READ MORE »


Back to New York


Offense hasn’t been a weak point for the Titans in this young season, but it hasn’t been a powerhouse, either.

New York is hoping the return of Brendan Mundorf can change that.

The forward out of UMBC had a solid rookie season in New York last season with 23 goals and 21 assists, along with 50 loose balls in 14 games. The Titans announced Mundorf, the team’s first-round draft choice (11th overall), is back with the team for this season.

The left-hander signed a one-year contract and forward Hunter Lochte was released to make room for Mundorf on the roster.